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PETP - People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokémon

31st Dec 2015, 2:00 PM in Kanto
PETP - People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokémon
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DatNuttyKid 31st Dec 2015, 2:00 PM
I was GOING to upload this Tuesday and take the New Year off, but I forgot... But I seriously wanted to make a "last page of 2015" page so...

Guys! This is the last page of 2015!

I am satisfied.

Ash: I don't care if I have to drag this dumb Pikachu to Timbuktu. I AM beating Gary Oak.
GM: Say what you want about Gary's villainy, he's a pretty good motivator.
sfx: PIKA... (Pikachu struggles against Ash pulling him by a string.)
Ash: Alright, I'm done making strength checks to drag it. Tell me what's wrong with this dumb thing.
Kevin: It might help if you would stop calling it dumb.
sfx: PIKA PIKA! (Pikachu agrees with Kevin.)
Ash: It might help if it would stop BEING dumb.
Ash: Alright, fine. I'll stop calling you dumb, if you get into your stupid Poké sphere.
sfx: PIKA. (Pikachu refuses.)
GM: You know, you could use your Pokémon Index to see why he won't stay in the Poké sphere.
Ash: Oh yeah, I forgot I had that!
sfx: BEEEEP BOOP. (The Pokémon Index powers on.)
Dexter (GM): While most Pokémon stay in their Poké spheres when not training, some do not like to be confined and prefer to journey freely.
Ash: So it doesn't like to be confined... Well, in that case, maybe I should untie it.
Kevin: Wow, what a brilliant idea! Not tying and dragging your pets around to make them like you!
sfx: PIKA? (Pikachu watches Ash untie him.)
Ash: Shut up.