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Pika Pika!

8th Dec 2015, 2:00 PM in Kanto
Pika Pika!
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Author Notes:

DatNuttyKid 8th Dec 2015, 2:00 PM
Professor Oak makes some weird faces in this scene... Makes screencaps hard.

On the other hand, his "Shocking, isn't it?" was pure gold. I had to use it.

Just to be clear, the gamemaster provided Adam and Mindy with a sheet listing all of the Pokémon with pictures. That's how Adam knows what Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander look like (and that they have no swords), and that's how he knows that Pikachu is cute. Kevin is using Mindy's while she's absent.

Kevin: What is it?
sfx: PIKA PIKA! (Pikachu chirps.)
GM: A Pikachu.
Ash: A Pikachu?
Ash: Hm... Oh, wow! It's so cute! Can I hug it?
Prof. Oak (GM): You can. But they sometimes have an electrifying personality. So be careful.
sfx: PIKA... (Pikachu charges up a Thunder Shock.)
Kevin: "Electrifying" personality? Is that some sort of a- oh, the strobe light again.
sfx: ...CHUUUUU! (Pikachu releases the Thunder Shock.)
GM: Pikachu electrocutes you. Take 1d6 non-lethal.
Prof. Oak (GM): Shocking, isn't it?
sfx: BZZZT!
Ash: Hi-laaaaar-ious.
GM: Professor Oak hands you a Pokémon Index, which allows you to find out more about a Pokémon, and a handful of Poké Spheres.
sfx: PIKA... (Pikachu begins charging again.)
Ash: Great, thanks.
GM: Pikachu shocks you again as you touch Oak. Take 1d6 non-lethal again.
sfx: ...CHUUU!!
sfx: BZZZZT!
Ash: I hate you.
GM: When you go outside, you see a small crowd cheering.
sfx: MILD CHEERING. (Ash's friends and family cheer for him.)
Ash: Like Gary's?
GM: Like your mom and ten other people pounding on pots.
sfx: BOOM BOOM BOOM. (Ash's friends and family pound on pots.)
Ash: Of course.
Delia (GM): Oh honey, I can't believe you got your first Pokémon! What is it?
Ash: A murderous Pikachu.
Delia (GM): Oh, how cute!
Ash: Not cute, mom. Murderous.