Pokémon Roleplaying.

The "Villainous" Gary Oak

1st Dec 2015, 2:00 PM in Kanto
The "Villainous" Gary Oak
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Author Notes:

DatNuttyKid 1st Dec 2015, 2:00 PM
The point of this comic is to show the Pokémon anime if it were a roleplaying game instead of, well, an anime. (Which also means Pokémon doesn't exist, much like with Darths & Droids.) So obviously, a large portion of the main cast is going to be portrayed as players in this big roleplaying game. We know Ash is, and maybe this gives you an idea of who else.

That's the goal, anyway.

GM: They aren't here for the Pokémon. They're crowded around someone.
Ash: Oh. I push my way through.
GM: You run into the guy. Roll acrobatics to regain your balance.
Ash: 4.
sfx: CRASH! (Ash slams into Gary.)
Kevin: Ouch.
GM: You fall over.
sfx: BONK. (Ash hits the ground.)
Ash: I think this game hates me.
Kevin: Or the gamemaster.
Gary (GM): Watch where you're going, jerk!
GM: You recognize him as Gary Oak, grandson of Professor Oak.
Ash: Cool!
GM: And local bully.
Kevin: Not cool.
Gary (GM): Oh, it's that loser Ash Ketchum. About time you showed up.
GM: He addresses the crowd.
Gary (GM): Don't worry folks. When I become Pokémon Champion, losers like Ash Ketchum will be banned, or my name isn't Gary Oak!
Cheerleaders (GM): Goooo Gary! Yaaay!
Kevin: And people still like him?
Ash: I knew I should've taken better Charisma.
GM: He climbs into a sports car and they drive away.
GM: With the crowd close behind.
Kevin: So wait, THAT'S the villain?
GM: Um... Kind of.
Kevin: He's not very villainous. Surely there's a better way to have a villain in this.
Ash: Who cares?! I'm going to get a Pokémon and show him who's the REAL loser.
Kevin: ...Oh boy.