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24th Nov 2015, 2:00 PM in Kanto
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Author Notes:

DatNuttyKid 24th Nov 2015, 2:00 PM
Welcome back, Kevin.

So, as you and the GM will learn throughout this comic, Adam set up his sheet for a typical Pathfinder fighter. Something he'll be regretting.

Ash: So does anything happen overnight?
GM: That depends. What's your Perception modifier?
Ash: Uh... -1?
sfx: CRASH! (The alarm clock hits the floor and shatters.)
GM: Hmmm... *scribble*
Ash: What?!
GM: Nothing!
Kevin: Uh oh.
sfx: DODRIO! (A Dodrio crows.)
GM: You hear a Dodrio crowing, which means it's noon.
Ash: Noon?! Why didn't my alarm go off?
Kevin: It broke. But you didn't hear it, because your Perception is so low.
Ash: Oh.
Ash: I start running for the lab.
GM: It'll take you awhile to get there...
Kevin: How far away is it?
GM: Uh... Well...
GM: Let's just say he's arrived.
GM: There's a large crowd outside.
Ash: Aww, they're going to take all the ones with swords!


DatNuttyKid 24th Nov 2015, 2:18 PM
Okay, so the new picture size is NOT better. Lesson learned.