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The New Trainer

19th Nov 2015, 2:00 PM in Kanto
The New Trainer
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Author Notes:

DatNuttyKid 19th Nov 2015, 2:00 PM
You know, Delia's a really weird mom. She's angry that her 10 year-old son isn't watching his favorite TV show at 11 o' clock at night. Weird...

GM: Okay! Let me see your character sheet.
GM: Ash Ketchum... So you're a new trainer?
Ash: Yup!
Ash: My character is a huge Pokémon fan. So he has a lot of Pokémon merchandise.
GM: Alright, cool! So you're standing in your room.
Ash: Okay! I grab my sword and-
GM: Sword? What sword? You don't have a sword.
Ash: Oh, are trainers proficient in crossbows?
GM: You don't have ANY weapons. Trainers don't fight.
Ash: What DO I have?
GM: Let's say... An Electrode figurine.
Ash: *sigh* Okay, I hold that up.
GM: Your mom walks in, holding a clock.
Ash: Great! Mom!
Ash: Can I have a sword for my birthday?
Delia (GM): It's 11 o' clock. Your favorite program is starting.
sfx: CLICK! (Delia turns on the TV.)
Ash: What is it?
GM: It's a show where Professor... um, Oak talks about Pokémon.
Ash: Which Pokémon?
GM: Uh... Bulbasaur...
GM: ...Charmander...
GM: And Squirtle.
Delia (GM): Remember, you'll be choosing from one of those tomorrow to be your partner! So pay close attention and go to sleep as soon as it goes off.
Ash: Whatever mom.
Ash: Why don't any of them have swords?


Devlerbat 28th Aug 2016, 2:44 PM
So....he'd want Honedge as a starter a take it? :P